Final Annual Figures 2017 for LION Smart GmbH and TÜV SÜD GmbH


Final HGB Annual Figures for LION Smart GmbH

LION Smart GmbH closed the 2017 fiscal year with sales revenues of 1,307 TEUR (previous year: 2,386 TEUR) and an operating result of -824 TEUR (previous year: 388 TEUR). Net income changed from 260 TEUR in 2016 to -812 TEUR in 2017. As a result of investments, the balance sheet total increased from 3,027 TEUR to 3,781 TEUR.

The changes in sales revenue and net income are related to BMS contingents not being ordered by a serial customer as well as to an increase in development and personnel costs, particularly for the recently introduced LIGHT Battery technology.
The disclosure report on this announcement will soon be available for download on our website.


Final IFRS Annual Figures for TUEV SUED Battery Testing GmbH

The TÜV SÜD Battery Testing GmbH joint venture was able to further increase its turnover by December 31, 2017: Compared to the previous year, sales increased by 39.8 % to 6,660 TEUR (previous year: 4,763 TEUR).
The balance sheet total increased by 37.0 % from 9,779 TEUR to 13,400 TEUR. On the asset side this is mainly due to the increase in cash pool receivables from TÜV SÜD AG in the amount of 1,601 TEUR and the increase in other receivables of affiliated companies of 1,400 TEUR and other assets of 600 TEUR. The shareholders’ equity increased due to the increase in capital reserves of 3,000 TEUR and the current net income for the year. A balance sheet profit in the amount of 904 TEUR is recorded.
The net profit increased from 253 TEUR to 803 TEUR, resulting primarily from the increase in sales revenues by 1,897 TEUR. This was offset by the increased personnel expenses of +528 TEUR, depreciation of +108 TEUR as well as other expenses of +494 TEUR.
EBITDA increased from 1,148 TEUR to 1,999 TEUR.
The equity ratio increased from 57.2 % to 70.1 %, mainly due to the rise in the balance sheet profit and the completed capital increase of 3,000 TEUR.

Annual figures:
Turnover current year / previous year:               6.660 TEUR                     + 39.8 %
Net profit for the year / previous year:                   803 TEUR                  + 217.9 %
Balance sheet profit year / previous year:              904 TEUR                 + 792.9 %
EBITDA Year / previous year:                              1.999 TEUR                  + 74.1 %
Equity ratio (%):                                                                                             70.1 %
Balance sheet total / previous year:                      13.400 TEUR                + 37.0 %