First Details of the LION Smart LIGHT Battery Concept


Today, LION Smart GmbH is presenting details of the LION Battery concept to the public for the first time. By consistently pursuing the design philosophy of the Wireless BMS project, LION Smart is now able to present a battery that does not require the usual sense wiring for voltage and temperature monitoring and does not require a data bus cable. The resulting free installation space allows a previously unimaginable packing density of the cylindrical cells.
Due to the cells and electronics completely embedded in the liquid, a “wireless” construction of the battery stack is possible by means of acoustic and optical communication between the cells, which uses the liquid itself as a medium for data transmission. The 3M-Novec liquid is ideal for use in mobile high-performance batteries thanks to its excellent thermal, electrical and fire performance properties.
As already announced, LION Smart will demonstrate the technology 2018 in a BMW i3 together with partners. The LIGHT Battery concept installed in a BMW i3 is expected to achieve a capacity of more than 90 kWh and thus a range of 700 km. In addition to the excellent energy density, very high charging speeds can be achieved due to the large internal surface area and the homogeneous flow rate. You can already get a first impression of our technology on the LION Smart homepage.