LIGHT Battery Product Presentation


After one year of development, LION E-Mobility AG presents further details of the LIGHT Battery. In the product video released today, interested parties can learn about the unique features of the modular battery concept.

Implementation of the Proof of Concept in the BMW i3s is in the final stages. Numerous functionalities have already been successfully tested. A range test in the laboratory and in the real environment will be performed shortly.

The product will first be presented to investors, followed by a technical symposium, which will serve as a discussion platform for technical issues. Both events are scheduled for September. In addition, LION E-Mobility AG will present the vehicle, its features and the unique LIGHT Battery with 100 kWh and 700km of range, to an audience of investors and media at the CM Equity Capital Market Conference. Requests for development projects (prototype battery) and license partnerships will be accepted from now on. In the course of the final planning of an upcoming roadshow LION E-Mobility will announce further dates.

The product video is available at