LION E-Mobility AG invests in Inboard Technology


Inboard Technology is a personal electric vehicle startup from Santa Cruz, California. The company has developed a unique electric drivetrain for last-mile mobility, and positioned itself in the rapidly growing market of rideables with their first product, the Inboard M1™ Electric Skateboard. For the M1, Inboard was the first to develop custom hub motors engineered directly into the wheels and a swappable battery into the deck of the skateboard. A major disadvantage of previous drive trains for rideables was that the mobile transport device had to be pushed or carried with an empty battery. Inboard was able to increase user friendliness with its Manta Drive motor, as the skateboard can be moved without additional resistance, even with an empty battery. In the future, our subsidiary LION Smart GmbH will cooperate with Inboard Technology in the area of ​​battery technology and battery management systems for last mile mobility. In addition to electric skateboards, Inboard plans to launch a full range of different form factors for last-mile transportation. Cooperation in other areas, has been planned and initial activities have already been started.

LION E-Mobility AG has therefore decided to make a significant investment with Inboard Technology Inc.. Furthermore, the management of LION E-Mobility AG has agreed with Inboard Technology Inc. for continued investment as Inboard continues to grow.

Through the investment, LION E-Mobility AG is positioning itself in the fast-growing rideables market with the aim of accelerating the further spread of its battery management system and the group’s services into other industries and markets.

The cooperation with Inboard clearly advances the expansion of LION E-Mobility AG into the United States.

Quote Ryan Evans, CEO Inboard Technology Actions Sports Inc.:”Inboard is thrilled to partner with the German leader in battery technology, development, and testing. Inboard’s partnership with LION enables our Team to continue to be at the forefront of battery technology and the thought leader of the exciting new market of Personal Electric Vehicles (P-EV) ”

Quote Daniel Quinger, CEO LION-E-Mobility AG: “The cooperation with Inboard will help us to position our battery management systems technology in the field of low voltage battery systems more mobility solutions and also help us to gain traction in the North American market. The Inboard team and technology convinced me as an entrepreneur, engineer as well as a skateboarder. We expect our collaboration will mutually benefit both companies.“