Management of LION E-Mobility AG acquires shares in own company


LION E-Mobility AG, a publicly listed Swiss holding company with strategic investments in the field of electrical energy storage and lithium-ion battery system technology, announces that multiple Board of directors of Lion E Mobility AG have acquired shares of the company. The necessary notifications to the regulatory authorities have been made.

“These investments are sending a clear signal that we share a belief in the success of LION”, says Alessio Basteri, Chairman of the Board of Directors of LION E-Mobility AG, and continues: “LION Smart GmbH, the operating subsidiary of LION E-Mobility AG, has developed excellently under the leadership of Thomas Hetmann in this challenging year, against the background of the global pandemic and stagnating or declining economic activity. We have a good order pipeline, current industrial partners at our side and are making significant progress on our ongoing projects. To give all shareholders an overview of our progress so far and our plans for the coming year, we plan to provide more information to our investors in the coming weeks”.

Thomas Hetmann, Managing Director of LION Smart GmbH and also Board Member of LION
E-Mobility AG, adds: “Despite Covid-19, this year we have worked on building the sales pipeline, expanding and adding to our workforce. Through our current projects we have further developed our technology and battery solutions and worked even more closely with our partners. As hopefully the threat from Covid-19 recedes with the promise of vaccine, we are ready and funded for the next phase of our journey in 2021 and beyond”.


Alessio Basteri

Chairman of the Board

LION E-Mobility Investor Relations

Sebastian Duering

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