Preliminary Yearly Figures 2017 of LION Smart GmbH


In the fiscal year 2017, LION Smart GmbH’s sales revenues changed from 1,974 TEUR in the previous year to 1,234 TEUR. The fiscal year concluded with an operating result of -805 TEUR (previous year: 356 TEUR). Net income changed from 218 TEUR in the previous year to -921 TEUR.

Major investments in the new flagship product LIGHT Battery, whose completion will result in a quantum leap for battery technology and the e-mobility sector were among the main reasons for these significant changes.

The management has recognized the scope of this opportunity and the importance of entering the market as soon as possible. And as a result of this, both workforce and state-of-the-art development technologies were scaled up massively. BMS requests planned but not ordered by a major customer in 2017 (that customer’s remaining battery components did not meet the necessary certification requirements at this point) represented an opportunity to quickly allocate required resources for this project. Capital measures implemented by the parent company LION E-Mobility AG in 2017 do secure the company’s liquidity for the coming years.

More information about LION Smarts LIGHT Battery here: