Quarterly results of LION Smart GmbH to September 30, 2019


Third Quarter 2019 – Revenues and order backlog in Q3 and current year 2019 improved significantly year-on-year – further increase expected for 2020

  • Third quarter revenues at level of the first and second quarter 2019 – significant increase compared to the third quarter in 2018
  • Total operating performance (including company-produced additions to plant and equipment) at high level of the previous year
  • TÜV SÜD Battery Testing GmbH remains on growth trajectory – outlook for 2019 increased
  • Overall outlook: expect increased revenues for 2020
Preliminary figures in EUR thousand Q 3 2019 Q 3 2018 Q1 – Q3 



Q1 – Q3 2018




Revenue 343,528 251,644 1,052,829 871,978  +20.74 %
Total operating performance 343,528 251,528 1,365,345 1,275,488 + 7.04 %
EBITDA (before special items) -420,514 -417,161 -645,116 -923,747 + 30.16 %
Annual deficit -443,704 -438,543 -729,449 -921,121 + 20.81 %

Preliminary HGB figures of LION Smart GmbH as of September 30, 2019

In the third quarter of 2019, LION Smart GmbH, a subsidiary of LION E-Mobility AG, slightly increased its total operating performance compared to the same period of the prior year. The total operating performance of EUR 1,365 thousand in the third quarter of 2019 mainly resulted from revenues of EUR 1,053 thousand, as well as internally generated intangible assets and commenced but not yet invoiced orders.

The increased revenue for each quarter of 2019 compared to prior years is positive. Projects and orders that have been shifted to 2020 mean that the targeted forecast of EUR 2,000 thousand will not be achieved, therefore the management expects a significant increase in sales for 2020.

EBITDA remains negative at EUR – 421 thousand. This is due to two main reasons: LION continues to have high development costs for the LIGHT Battery and the Single Cell BMS, also incurring high customer demand for individual projects and expenses related to the development of battery prototypes and construction, while revenues are expected to follow.

TÜV SÜD Battery Testing GmbH, LION’s Joint Venture with TÜV SÜD AG, continues its growth trajectory and expects another record year for sales, EBIT and net income in 2019. Jointly with TÜV SÜD, further investments were authorized in the third and fourth quarter to support and drive the strong growth of TSBT.

For the financial year 2020, the management anticipates a significant increase in sales and positive periodic results. The prerequisites for this are the completion of the LIGHT Battery and the Single Cell BMS to be manufactured as well as the realization of the continuously high customer inquiries for individualized battery and mobility solutions.

The completion and official presentation of the touch and test modules of the LIGHT Battery in November 2019 was an important milestone for LION Smart to demonstrate that new standards can be achieved in terms of shorter charging time, higher power density, improved thermal management and highest safety standards.


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